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The Association - AAMR

The GLI AMICI DI MUSICA/REALTA' Association in Milan was founded by Luigi Pestalozza in 1998. Today the Association is chaired by Roberto Favaro, musicologist and Dean of the "Design and Applied Arts" Department at the Accademia di Belle Arti di Brera in Milan. The Association implemets and spreads an innovative musical culture which is opened to different genres (classic, popular, songs and others) and to the music from different countries through concerts, seminars/workshops/musical laboratories which analyze characters and/or historical ages also calibrated on different performative types (including electroacoustics), conferences and interdisciplinary artistic evenings. The Association manages and prints a periodical magazine about musical studies called MUSICA/REALTA' directed by Roberto Favaro, which analyzes musicology issues and spreads the associative activity. Performing its cultural activity for many years, the Association boasts multiple, collaborations, sponsorships, partnerships and support from the most important italian and international cultural institutions including music conservatories, polyphonic and symphonic orchestras with performances in premiere debut.


Luigi Pestalozza (Milan 1926-2017) was one of the most important italian musicologist and music critic. He was a collaborator for some of the most important italian newspapers such as L'Avanti, L'Unità, and the Paese Sera. He has taught history of music at the Accademia di Belle Arti di Brera in Milan. He was the founder of the magazine Il Diapason (1950). He has also published important essays about the european twentieth century Maestros (Arnold Schönberg, Igor Strawinskij, Luigi Nono, etc). In 1997 he has published the essay Disordine (2004). In 1998 he was founder of the Association "GLI AMICI DI MUSICA/REALTA'". In 2017 the Municipality of the city of Milan has decided its name should be entered in the Pantheon of Milan, inside the Cimitero Monumentale (Monumental Cemetery). Musica/Realtà is also the name of the magazine which was founded by Luigi Pestalozza. Also the magazine has guaranteed cultural continuity to that experience and he has occupied in the preparation of the next issue until the last days of his life, together with the organization of a conference about electroacustic music in the context of the current concerts by MUSICA/REALTA'. From the magazine MUSICA/REALTA' was also born the Quaderni di Muisca/Realtà and the series of books Le Sfere which allowed the italian pubblic to approach important international authors such as R. Murray Schafer, John Blacking, Janòs Màrothy, Michel Imberty, Georg Knepler and many others, together with several valid italian scholars (Sergio Miceli, Roberto Favaro etc.).